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Native to Thailand, long-tail boating has become a popular form of boat power particularly in situations where conventional outboard motors are not feasible due to the depth of water or the abundance of water-borne vegetation.

And Tim Deverson of longtailboating.com is bringing it to Southern Africa.

Invariably cheaper than outboards, that incorporate sophisticated gearboxes, long-tail motors are easy to maintain.

Longtailboating has been popularised in North America where it’s often referred to as the ‘four-wheel drive of boating’! These rigs are designed to operate in the most challenging conditions; mud, stumps, rocks or vegetation are no obstacle for these innovative and extremely robust rigs.

Longtailboating.com is an online portal to purchase long-tail outboard kits, suitable boats, motors, and accessories. They will also offer a host of informative video tutorials on the assembly and maintenance of these durable outfits.  
Initially there will be two models on offer, the L-85 and L-100. Customers can choose to only buy the kit and they can pair it with a boat and motor of their choice. The motors are affordable to buy and maintain with many options available. 
The boat in the picture is an aluminium Jon boat manufactured in Cape Town by Gaston Boats. It’s a tough-as-nails tinny and is the boat that will be at the Boat Show. The motor is a 13hp L-100 kit with Torx 390 motor. This is a real go-anywhere outfit. There will also be 4m and 5.5m versions. 

For more information check out the link below:

We’ll be in the marquee at M22.